Hazardous Material Storage Facility Lighting Upgrades

Lower capital, operating, and maintenance costs with versatile, low-power LED luminaires

Nemalux lighting science - comparative graph of major types of luminaires including LED, metal halide, T8 fluorescent, incandescent, CFL showing lumens output vs lifetime

Figure 1: Lumen maintenance vs lifetime of various types of popular luminaires

To compare luminaires requires understanding three properties of the above graph. The first is that all luminaires lose lumen output over time, but some lose it faster than others. This is indicated by different negative slopes of the luminaire’s curve. The second is we can see that the lifetime of luminaires (indicated by spiky cloud) can vary tremendously. The final property is that each luminaire is characterized by an industry standard L70 rating, the time which it takes to lose 30% of its lumens output, or alternatively to reach 70% of its original lumens output.

We can see immediately from the graph that the lifetime of solid state LED luminaires outperform all other luminaires by a large margin. For example, a number of Nemalux luminaires exceed 100,000 hours of operation.  An equally impressive LED luminaire performance indicator is the lumens degradation over time. LED luminaires have the lowest lumen loss of all luminaires, indicated by the least steep curve. While the slope of the T8 fluorescent luminaire is the same as the LED luminaire, its lifetime is only ¼ that of LED luminaires. Metal halides perform far worst than either LED or fluorescent luminaires, both in terms of lifetime and lumens degradation over time. The lifetime of the best metal halide luminaire is only 1/5th that of the best LED luminaires, and it has reached its L70 at half its lifetime. In the real world, a maintenance worker needs to replace metal halide luminaires up to 5x before replacing one LED luminaire.

Warehouse / factory installation of Nemalux AR Series high bay industrial luminaires, hazardous location class I division 2, class 2 division 2 certified

Figure 2: A warehouse space lighting upgrade using Nemalux AR and XR high bay LED luminaires

Nemalux Case study - warehouse high bay lighting upgrade with AR Series industrial LED luminaire, including complimentary lighting layout study

Figure 3: Complimentary lighting layout model for the warehouse space lighting upgrade

In terms of efficacy, LED luminaires are also almost twice as efficient as metal halides.  This is due to a number of reasons. LEDs are inherently directional whereas other types of luminaires such as metal halide are omni-directional. The use of reflectors in metal halides to bounce the light in one direction creates a significant efficiency loss. Metal halides also emit photonic energy in unused frequencies such as UV and IR bands, creating more loss. In contrast, LEDs are designed to produce light only in the useful visible spectrum of light.

Why choose Nemalux LED luminaires for your next lighting upgrade?

There are multiple reasons for choosing solid state LED luminaires for your next facility lighting upgrade, resulting in significant savings on capital cost, installation cost, maintenance cost and operating cost. To summarize these findings, LED luminaires, and notably, Nemalux LED luminaires are superior to metal halide and other competing legacy luminaires for the following reasons indicated in table 1 below.

Table 1: LED Unique Features and concrete ROI for lighting upgrade

LED Luminaire Unique Feature

 Concrete Return on Investment

Longest lifetime of all luminaires Reduce maintenance costs for bulb replacements by up to a factor of 5
Highest fixture effective lumen efficiency Reduce maintenance costs for bulb replacements by up to a factor of 5 due to high L70 figure. The lit space will have useful light for a long time!
Efficacy – twice that of metal halides Dramatically reduce your operating cost / lighting energy bill at a time when decarbonization is a responsibility for every business.
Cost – competitive with all other suppliers Save on capital cost. Nemalux luminaires are aggressively priced and among the most versatile in the industry
Multiple optical profiles When large areas such as warehouse spaces or long linear runs such as industrial walkways require illumination, the versatility of Nemalux LED luminaire’s multiple optical profiles can significantly reduce the number of luminaires required to reach the target illumination light level, saving significantly on capital cost.
High CRI LED Luminaire are available in very high CRI values, vital for quality inspection tasks where color discrimination is critical.
Instant on / off Unlike metal halides, LED luminaires can be turned on or off instantly.
Dimming control Unlike metal halides, LED luminaires offer dimming control to reduce energy usage when it is unnecessary.

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Products of Interest for Lighting Upgrade Solutions

Nemalux MR series industrial LED luminaire, HID replacement, built for industrial walkways, conveyor belts, platforms and staircases. Certified for hazardous location (class I division 2 / c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Dark Sky and DLC area lighting c/w Slip Fitter Yoke Mount (MR-SFY)

MR Series3,000-6,000 lumens, C1D2, c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT  (MR-SFY): 6.55 kg | 14.7 lbs | Mounting Height of 8′ to 12′

Nemalux XR Series industrial LED luminaire, built for area lighting, walkways, platforms, conveyor belts, and staircases - hazardous location (class I division 2, c1d2 ), marine, Dark Sky and DLC approved c/w slip fitter yoke mount

XR Series8,000–20,000 lumens,  C1D2 c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT (XR-SFY): 10.05 kg | 22.1 lbs | Mounting heights of 8′ to 25′

Nemalux AR Series industrial, high lumens, high bay LED luminaire for area lighting - hazardous location class I division 2 (c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Foodsafe (NSF), Dark Sky (IDA) and DLC approved c/w slip fitter yoke mount (AR-SFY)

AR Series10,000–50,000 lumens, C1D2 c/w SLIP FITTER YOKE MOUNT (AR-SFY): 18.35 kg | 40.3 lbs | Mounting heights of 25′ to 100′

GS-DC Series500 to 4,000 lumen, 12 or 24 VDC linear luminaire for marine and C1D2 location use | 4 Lengths: 15.5″, 26.5″, 37.5″, 48.5″

Yoke mount Nemalux BL series linear industrial LED luminaire, marine and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) approved and replacement for vapour tight fluorescent light

BL Series2,000 to 4,000 lumen, C1D2, 120-277 VAC c/w YOKE MOUNT (BL-YM): 3.3 kg | 7.2 lbs | Length: 18.43″

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  • Dark Sky Compliance and reduced light trespass
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