Customized Luminaire created for the City of Calgary Transit Priority Program 

The City of Calgary Transit Light Indicator Case Study

Bus Light Task:

Transit bus’ will emit a signal initiated by the bus driver which is received by the Opticom system mounted at the traffic post. The signal will then activate the transit priority system to provide the bus with additional time (green light) to proceed through the intersection safely. When the transit priority system is activated, the blue light indicator is turned ON to inform the bus driver that the request has been received and additional time will be provided to proceed through the intersection.

What was the initial challenge?

The City required a bus light indicator that could be implemented easily in the field with minimal time and labor investment. Previously the indicator lights were made on site and modifications to signal cabinets were required to make them work. This method required 6 man hours plus cost of materials which was not effective.

How was the challenge addressed?

Nemalux was the only manufacturer able to design a bus light indicator to the required specifications at a reasonable cost and quick turnaround time.

What was the solution and outcome after implementation?

City crews were tasked with the implementation of 88 bus light indicators over 44 intersections. With the Nemalux design, they were able to meet the timeline of project completion by December of 2018. This was important because this project was part of the overall Transit BRT project to improve service to the public. Without this new indicator light design, the December 2018 deadline would not have been met.

The city has provided feedback that the new indicators manufactured by Nemalux have allowed for both labor and cost savings and they perform as required. The indicator is now a standard to be used for new projects and upgrades going forward.

Custom GS Industrial Features:

  • 30° spot beam profile
  • Designed for harsh locations
  • Optimized heat transfer for maximum longevity
  • Easy field angle adjustment
  • Lifespan up to 60,500 hours
  • IP66 vented enclosure
  • Compatible with Triac based switching controls

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