Heavy Automotive

The heavy automotive sector plays an important role in the health of the global economy. Heavy automotive vehicles form the backbone of the national transport system of many countries. In the U.S., 60% of all cargo, or approximately 9 million tons is moved by truck. Additionally, heavy automotive vehicles are critical to a number of other sectors including construction, mining, military, oil & gas. They include vehicles such as dump trucks, excavators, cranes, drilling rigs, tankers, and big rigs. Heavy automotive vehicles often operate in harsh environments and lighting systems must be able to withstand heavy vibration, dust, grime, rain, and wide temperature swings.  Luminaires mounted on such vehicles must withstand significant vibration and shock. For example, large dump trucks operating in the mining sector are driven over very bumpy terrain. Further, every time that loads of ores are released into the truck by excavators, the truck experiences a shock. When the load is emptied, the tailgate slams shut, causing another shock.

Maintenance for heavy automotive vehicles is kept to the minimum required to ensure maximum performance and lifetime. Anything that can increase the time between maintenance is important as downtime can be very expensive. When a truck has to stop for unnecessary maintenance, the opportunity cost is high. Robust, long-lasting luminaires are therefore a necessity. LED lights can eliminate or mitigate many of the above-mentioned problems. The extremely long life of LEDs means that stops to replace burned-out bulbs are nearly eliminated. LEDs are solid-state devices that are insensitive to shock and vibration.

The Nemalux GS DC and XCANLED DC models are luminaires designed for ruggedness and long lifetime. IP66 ingress protection rating prevents water intrusion and wide operating temperature ensures they can operate in both hot and cold weather conditions. Solid-state lighting ensures optimal performance under vibration. Low power demand makes them ideal for heavy automotive vehicles to save on battery power supply.

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Products of Interest for Lighting Upgrade Solutions

Nemalux MR series industrial LED luminaire, HID replacement, built for industrial walkways, conveyor belts, platforms and staircases. Certified for hazardous location (class I division 2 / c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Dark Sky and DLC area lighting c/w Slip Fitter Yoke Mount (MR-SFY)
Nemalux GS Series Low Profile Linear LED Luminaire ideal for control panel lighting with low voltage DC as well as AC , class I div 2 (c1d2) c/w adjustable mounting bracket
Nemalux XCAN DC c/w Frosted Optic Lens & Mounting Bracket

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