Nemalux is prepared to assist the infrastructure sector in accurate estimating, along with providing design services and lighting systems to meet critical infrastructure upgrade challenges across the continent. Lighting, while a small part of any infrastructure system, plays a vital role in infrastructure. Without proper lighting, both maintenance workers and infrastructure end users cannot operate effectively.

Often situated in harsh environmental conditions, whether it’s the corrosive salt water in marine ports and terminals, explosive potential in grain silos and wastewater treatment, or harsh temperature conditions of mountainous rail and vehicle tunnels, specialized lighting is needed.

Why choose a Geniune Industrial Manufacturer & Fabricator?

When illuminating infrastructure, there can be many stakeholders. High-Quality Products and Low Prices are scrutinized. In these multidimensional infrastructure projects, selecting experienced and high-quality companies, to support the design and install process, is important. The Nemalux value-added services and experienced knowledge that can be helpful includes:

  • Vandal-proof design and hardware
  • Explosion-proof, dark sky, marine, Class 1 Div 2, and Food Safe rated plus more…
  • 100-year water level ready
  • Bird and animal deterrents
  • Stakeholder management and promotions
  • Control Integrations
  • Free lighting designs
  • Extreme temperature protections and thermal managements
  • Mounting anchors and cable solutions
  • Along with an experienced fabrication service

 C1D2    |    C2D2    |    IP66/67

UL Listed

   UL Marine Listed

  DesignLights Consortium®

Food Safe Location

IDA – Dark Sky Approved

American Bureau of Shipping

Nemalux consulted to a major national railway to improve its tunnel lighting through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. A lighting audit provided detailed information to build a detailed lighting layout simulation, which helped the customer to decide on the MR Series industrial LED luminaire.


Water & Wastewater Treatment (Facility)

The WWTP environment is a harsh operating environment for equipment. As per the NFPA-820 2020 industry standard, most working areas in a WWTP are deemed hazardous locations because of the many gases emitted during the treatment process. These can include H2S, Methane, Ammonia, Chlorine, and Ozone. The Nemalux submersible and hazardous location-rated fixtures are designed specifically for these extreme locations.

Water & Wastewater Treatment - Hazardous Locations Lighting

Road & Rail Tunnels

Tunnel lighting fixtures require a hazardous location rating, because like train tunnels they can all collect dangerous gases. They are usually lower in height so require low bay luminaires of no more than 10K lumens to avoid glare. Nemalux provides MR and XR low bay models which are ideal for lower height train tunnels because of the available beam types and mounting options.

Calgary Light Rapid Transit rail tunnel area lighting project using Nemalux RS Series extreme vibration, industrial LED luminaire, with marine, IP66 and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) certifications

For more information on this LED luminaire application, go to our Road and Rail Transport page.

Marine & Transport (Terminals)

Saltwater corrosion is a major environmental problem for equipment installed to illuminate ships, waterways, and marine ports or terminals. When upgrading marine infrastructure, make sure to look for the UL1598A and stricter ABS certification for durable equipment. A number of Nemalux luminaires are certified to UL1598A, ABS, and are triple-layer powder-coated, to ensure maximum lifespan. Low glare and wavelength customization are available for low trespass and migration route consideration.

Marine Lighting - Nemalux

For more information on this LED luminaire application, go to our Marine Lighting page.

Power Utility

Power substations are a national security asset, making yard, parking, and perimeter lighting crucial for location security and daily maintenance. Good illumination along perimeters helps to identify potential trespassers, while good substation yard floodlighting helps electricians with maintenance tasks, such as the inspection of power lines, electricity transformers, and other substation assets at night.

Power Substations Lighting Solutions

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Sam Pogosian
CEO, Nemalux Inc.
Nemalux AR Series industrial, high lumens, high bay LED luminaire for area lighting - hazardous location class I division 2 (c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Foodsafe (NSF), Dark Sky (IDA) and DLC approved

The AR has high lumens output and is used for high bay area lighting mounting between 25 and 100 feet above.

Nemalux XR Series industrial LED luminaire, built for area lighting walkways, conveyor belts, platforms and staircases - hazardous location (class I division 2, c1d2 ), marine, Dark Sky and DLC approved

The Nemalux XR is a 8,000 – 20,000 lumen fixture for typical mounting heights of 8′-25′

Nemalux MR series industrial LED luminaire, HID replacement, certified for hazardous location (class I division 2 / c1d2), marine (UL 1598), Dark Sky and DLC area lighting

The Nemalux MR is a multi-functional luminaire for 8’ to 14’ mounting heights.

High output model of Nemalux BL series linear industrial LED luminaire, marine and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) approved and replacement for vapour tight fluorescent light

Nemalux BL is a direct replacement for T12 vapor tight fluorescent lamps with convenient thru-wiring allowing daisy-chaining multiple units.

Adjustable angle mount Nemalux NL series linear industrial LED luminaire, IP66, marine and hazardous location class I div 2 (c1d2) approved and replacement for linear fluorescent light fixtures

The NL Series is a durable linear LED luminaire in 2 lengths designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures.

Nemalux GS Series of Low Profile AC or DC Linear Industrial LED Luminaires is available in 4 Optional Lengths, marine, IP66/67 and hazardous location certified (class I div 2, c1d2)

The GS Series is an industrial, water-tight (IP66/67), C1D2 luminaire that has 4 different lengths to choose from.

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